All about Vape Glass Tube and Vape Glass Tanks

The use of glass-based vaping devices and their matching vaporizer accessories have become very popular. Many vape users prefer the vape glass tube and vape glass tank, while others choose tanks and tubes made of alternative materials like plastic, ceramic, metal, marble, and wood. Glass has an upper edge over other materials in terms of its almost zero reactivity and ease of maintenance. Fragility is a negative aspect associated with glass-based vape components.

But this has been overcome to a great extent nowadays, with the introduction of tough, shatter-resistant glass varieties. With the advent of Borosilicate Glass which is doubly resistant to heat, many vape device manufacturers are using this glass type for constructing vaporizers.

Common Variations of the Vape Glass Tube

With the rising demand for efficient vape devices, glass tubes have undergone a great deal of innovation. There are multiple shapes and sizes of vape glass tubes available in vape stores. This gives ample opportunity to vaping enthusiasts to explore and ascertain their preferences. Here’s a brief look at the most popular variations available nowadays:-

  • Glass Chillum- This has a very basic conical design. Chillums have been around since the 18th century when clay chillums were first used for tobacco smoking in India. Amongst the present generation of vape users, the modern glass chillum has been found to have great convenience in terms of portability and ease of use.
  • Spoon Pipe- The specialty of this design is that it exudes a concentrated vapor cloud. For those who prefer rich and dense vape puffs, the spoon pipe is ideal.
  • Water Pipe- Also known as “Bubbler”, this vape glass tube has water to filter out impurities and ensure that the vapor cloud is smooth.
  • Blunts- For those who are specifically into tobacco smoking, glass blunts provide a relatively cleaner option. This is because the twisted shape helps in filtering out most of the burn-residue. It is also a preferred option for the vaping of herb-mixes.
  • Nectar Collector- This glass pipe has been specifically designed for those who prefer cannabis concentrates. The tip is made of non-reactive substances like quartz or titanium. Upon heating the tip, the herb mix gets vaporized and is inhaled through a straw-shaped glass mouthpiece.

Significance of the Vape Glass Tank

For any vaping device, the tank is an integral part because that is where the e-juice is stored. The coil that heats up to emit vapors is also placed in the tank. A vape tank needs to have durable construction and is therefore usually made from tough, resistant materials like glass, stainless steel, or pyrex. For vapers who use non-disposable e-cigarettes, the vape tank has to be replaced as per the duration specified in the usage guidelines.

While buying replacement tanks, it is important to ensure its compatibility with the vaping device and the e-liquid. Of all vape tanks, the ones made of glass are most commonly purchased. For instance, at you can find a vast collection of glass tanks and vaporizer accessories from several brands, capacities, and budgets to suit all your needs.

Categories of the Vape Tank

Ever since the invention of the modern e-cigarette, technological prowess has brought in new models of vape tanks from time to time. Even a decade earlier, vapers didn’t have the kind of massive choices that they have today. While buying a vape glass tank, it is important to know that the Ohm rating is the measurement of resistance. It does not refer to the tank itself but the resistance of the coil present in the vaping tank.

The lower the resistance, the faster the coil gets heated and the higher is the temperature of the vapor puff. The higher the resistance, the longer it takes for the coil to get hot, and thus the vapor cloud is cooler. Depending on the e-liquid being used, one can decide if the flavor will be better in a vape tank with low, medium, or high ohm marking. Aside from ohm rating, vape tanks are normally categorized on the vaping-style of the user. These are the two broad categories:-

  • MTL Tank- The “Mouth to Lung” tank is the earliest version of the vape tank. It continues to remain popular today owing to its simplistic design and usage. The vapor flow and mouthpiece is narrow so that the vape is first taken into the mouth for a few seconds and then goes to the lungs. This vaping style is generally followed by beginners.
  • DTL Tank- The “Direct to Lung” tank is the contemporary version, more suitable for experienced vapers. Here the vapor cloud is directly inhaled into the lungs. Hence, the vapor-passage chamber and mouthpiece are wide.

While the choice is near unlimited when it comes to types of vape glass tubes and Vape tanks, the important thing is to choose wisely the one that suits your needs.