How to Prepare for a Prestigious Art Exhibition?

If you are reading this now, chances are your artwork got selected for an exhibition. Congratulations are in order and after all the celebrations begin the part where you prepare for your much-awaited day. Being a participant in an art exhibition is a great honor and you need to be prepared well before showing up on the exhibition day.

It also depends on the setting; how you should be preparing for an art exhibition. It could be set in a museum, a gallery, or a local art venue, you need to step up your game with the best kind of frames and decoration for your artwork. The aim should be to make your artwork stand out among others and stand a chance to be a highlight in the exhibition.

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There are a few things that you need to check out before appearing for the exhibition. The things are not that complicated but with a time crunch, it might get complex to perform such simple steps.

Ways to Prepare for an Art Exhibition

  • Make the Perfect Artist’s Statement

Most of the time, making an artist’s statement is very difficult as you want to convey a message in your style, but with a touch of humor and empathy. It is not easy to come up with an appropriate artist’s statement. Often, artists change their statement before the very last moment their artwork is being displayed at the gallery.

All the years of hard work, effort, and perseverance have made you who you are and it is not possible to summarize it in just a few words. The reason why most artists change their statements through different exhibitions is that they are either not satisfied or haven’t yielded desired attention at the previous show.

Whether you want to exhibit or sell art online, making the perfect artist statement would send a clear message to the audience about who you are. Accounting for that, there is worth investing some time and effort behind making a statement for a solo exhibition.

  • Frame your Artwork Appropriately

Framing is an essential aspect of viewing your artwork in a gallery. As an emerging artist, you need to choose frames that make your work look more attractive than it was before applying the frame. Ranging from thick to thin and with or without embroidery, a frame should be the one that compliments the artwork inside it.

The frame is like a background score of a movie which is not too engaging, but subtle enough to catch your attention. The background score should have enough subtle and nuance to complement and enhance what is being shown on screen. Similarly, a frame should be subtle enough to enhance the quality of the art inside even more.

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If a visitor in the gallery is impressed by the frame more than your painting, it’s time to rethink your decision and change your style of framing.

  • Increase the Audience Base

If you are appearing for an art exhibition, you must be expecting a huge crowd of people waiting to take a look at your art. Some exhibitions are capable of attracting a large audience base and some of them fail to gain a huge crowd. This is mainly due to not having enough promotional and marketing campaigns for the exhibition.

You would not want your first exhibition to be so quiet and dead. So, one thing you can do to attract a lot of people to exhibit your art is to promote it yourself online. You can invite your friends and colleagues via social media to your exhibition.

Also, you can promote the exhibition through blogs and influencers to attract more traffic. Nothing is better than having a huge group of people appreciating your artwork in front of you. So start promoting the exhibition date and venue to your friends and family now as the first step.

Ending Note

Modern-day artists have several ways to share their art with the whole world, but exhibitions still remain the most traditional and sought-after way of displaying them. These days, artists look for how to sell art online as well as how to build their brand identity. Building your own brand identity requires you to share all the details about your artwork with a set audience.

It is only possible to share artwork with a group of like-minded people through exhibitions. Be it a solo exhibition or a themed one, it takes preparations to be ready for such a big event. Emerging artists often find it hard to concentrate on what to do and the information provided here gives them a clear context about how to go about an upcoming art exhibition.