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What herbs should men take every day?

All of my male victims are self-medicating, most with many herbal products, including some of the most potent and addicting herbs. We are a self-medicating society. The general use of physiologically active herbs and taste and odor hiding herbs blends and impairs effective therapeutic herbal medicine. I believe that smelling, tasting, feeling herbs utilized medicinally is an essential component of herbal therapy. Surmise addictive and masking herbs have dulled both a man’s basic body metabolism and taste and aroma sensations. In that case, I believe he will not respond positively to gentle and tonic herbal remedies.

This might explain why many men remain apathetic in herbal medication or find it useless: their bodies are not sensitive enough due to planned permanent desensitization to remain an unpleasant life truth. Many of the herbs posted here are not even known by the men who use them as either herbs or herbal remedies. Usually, only direct questioning will show the use of coping and masking herbs by men.


The most ubiquitous strong addicting herb is COFFEE. The United States people use over 40% of world coffee creation while receiving less than 5% of the world’s probable total human community, even though no coffee acts in the continental United States. Our addictive elements have obliterated indigenous cultures’ scores in the tropics and subtropics to have this deadly plant’s supply. Our favorite nervine and a great habituating laxative, diuretic, painkiller increases the pain threshold considerably in most humans, normally without notice on the user’s part but usually open to non-coffee users) and mood changer. A scary factoid is that coffee is the most abundant pesticide food crop and the third most heavily pesticide crop next to tobacco and cotton.


The second most potent herb used by 25-30% of men yet, the fools is TOBACCO, generally taken as inhaled vapor with the attendant carbon monoxide poisoning and fast depressant result; one ingredient, nicotine, blocks free nerve transmission by comparing to acetylcholine receptor sites in the neural gap, in both the body and the brain. Smokers have a higher awareness of all of the leading male criminals, particularly cardiovascular and cancer diseases, as well as the possible recurring bronchitis and progressive emphysema, choking their paths to their respective deaths. Continued smoking is suicide and apparent self-destruction. . Fildena and vidalista 60 are best cure for impotence for men.

Except when doing charity work for medicine rehab centers and important or first aid cases, I do not see patients that regularly smoke tobacco or other people freely. I feel that the herbs I have to present cannot compete with willful tissue injury and nervous system poisoning.

HOPS is another nervine and male libido and testicular suppressant, usually self-administered as a weak alcohol extract. Some rather exciting investigations determined that the hops selections in beer were far more addicting and habituating than the weak ethanol content. Consumption of weak hops choices may help overcome the xenohormonal separation of male hormone balance from xenoestrogens and various growth hormones, mainly from meat and soy.


CAYENNE is an excellent vascular energizer and vegetable, although the claim for oral damage is partly valid. In many men, it is accepted as a secret laxative and heart energizer. In others, it is used as a way to overlook taste buds dulled by smoking or bored with otherwise insipid repetitive food. Its charge by the police of the oligarchy is herbal as well as citizen wrong. In Seattle newly, at the WTO debacle, it was the police who were the terrorists. Who will protect us from the police?

What herb will stop corporate cruelty?

CINNAMON is an aromatherapy desire supporter for many men and women and a super systemic hemostat, as is cayenne. Cinnamon is the most kind of popular self-medicating herb. A loss of cinnamon oil in the hair or under the pillow can develop a romantic encounter. Its use in food complements the usual remarkably hyperglycemic foods, which trigger a healthy insulin answer quickly. These are the famous cinnamon buns and related sugary baked foods.

MARIJUANA is another famous self-medicating herb that worked as a coping herb to deal with sharp pain, personal and sociological. It has a great future as a therapeutic herb once the Federal government leaves the personal drug business and no longer is compelled to stop competing substances.

Black pepper

Black pepper is not specific about Piper nigrum, BLACK PEPPER; it is introduced into the diet daily as a simple spice, but its universal presence hits habituation if not an obsession. I agree with Buchanan’s thoughts that it serves as a subtle energizer as some wholes are converted to amphetamines in the body. Aurogra and vidalista 40 are tadalafil products for men’s health. I see it as an obnoxious hot herb that also acts as urogenital pain in men with particularly delicate urinary mucosa. Something to remember when a man presents with a past of painful urination: ask about black pepper working.


HORSERADISH root products are used to add a warm spicey flavor to food; the fire is normally the dominant oral sensation, with other flavors and odors almost wholly contained. I am not sure if this is to excite a weak and insensitive palate or to mask the dullness of the same old dull food day after day. Herbally, horseradish daily eating can be a very effective therapy for relieving and stopping protein-over consumption-induced gout; the fresh leaves eaten every day in salads are less intense than the grated root. Regular horseradish consumption may also by cryptic self-medication for recurrent urinary tract infections. For some men, too much horseradish presents as penile injury within the urinary tract, burning urine.