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Basic Things to keep in Mind when selling a property in Calgary

Due to rising land prices and soaring building materials and labor costs, the prices of new homes in Calgary, both condominiums and single-family homes, are rising. Therefore, it is difficult to purchase a new building, and more and more people are considering purchasing a used property. Demand for pre-owned properties is increasing and average selling prices are rising.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to predict the future real estate market in the uncertain future, and although it cannot be said unconditionally, it is unlikely that the sale price of used real estate will drop sharply in the future. Let’s do it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selling houses in Calgary. If you proceed with the sale of the house in Calgary without confirming it, you may get into trouble later or it will be troublesome twice, so it is better to sell the house after understanding the precautions.

Only one brokerage contract for the first sale

If you’re new to selling a home and you’re new to selling a home, it’s a good idea to make the brokerage contract a dedicated broker or a dedicated real estate agent.

The characteristics of intermediary contracts are different, but one of the major differences is the number of real estate companies that can be contracted. General mediation can be contracted with multiple companies, but only one real estate company can contract for exclusive mediation and exclusive mediation.

General Brokerage or Dedicated Brokerage

At first glance, it seems more advantageous to contract with multiple real estate companies, but from the perspective of a real estate company that incurs a commission (brokerage fee) only after concluding a sales contract, even if you do your best to sell it, the sales contract If you take the contract to another real estate company, you will end up working for free.

For this reason, it is difficult for real estate companies to focus on properties with general brokerage contracts, and it is easy for real estate companies to focus on properties that have a dedicated brokerage contract or a dedicated brokerage contract.

It will be easier for the seller to interact with one fixed real estate company than to interact with multiple real estate companies in parallel.

When asked about the brokerage contracts they actually chose for those who have sold their homes in Calgary, more than half chose dedicated brokerage and dedicated brokerage. Please check the following article for details.

Receive assessments from multiple companies

Make sure you have multiple home assessments.

A real estate agency’s assessment is the most appropriate way to find out how much a home will sell. However, there are no clear rules for real estate company valuations, and valuation results vary from company to company. If you publish your house listing on Calgary MLS Listings then it would be great to have increased chances to sell the property. In other words, it is not possible to judge whether the assessment result is cheap or expensive only by the assessment of one company.

Compare the valuations of three or more companies to find out the range of home valuations and the average sale price.