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  1. steph
    steph says:

    Hi Laura,

    thanks for this video, it is so true snd something i really struggle with now i’m trying to eat healthier and cut down sugar. I find myself judging others for what they eat without really realising and i hate it! i think your right in saying that fewer people will judge you if you change your attitude, which is something im conscious of. Any practical tips to stop the judging?!



    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Steph,

      Thanks for your comment, I was worried about the response to this video so really appreciate that you can relate to it too. In terms of practical advice, commend them for empowering themselves to eat exactly what they want at that point in time. If they have control and food freedom and are happy, it really doesn’t matter what they are eating. Also just whatever you start to think, put a massive stop to it and know that by doing so you’re developing yourself to be more accepting. It’s also worth saying that ‘you just don’t know’ what is really going on with them. They could have had an eating disorder and this is a breakthrough, they could be focussed on other big things in their life and this is not a priority for them right now as much as it is for you. Hope that helps xx


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