Understanding brown rice syrup & barley malt extract

As sugar continues to become higher on the health agenda than it is now, I suspect sugar substitutes will become the new ‘low fat’.  Here’s a video on two that are worth getting your head around, and shows why they’re better options. I will mention that brown rice syrup and rice malt syrup are much the same thing so I may use those terms interchangeably. Enjoy!

Links I mention in the video:

Where to buy

Below are some places I found online with prices and delivery costs. This can make quite a difference, as my research shows. If you decide to order a few things, you obviously make a delivery charge more worthwhile. I have no affiliated links with these below, they are just some of the best I found after my own browsing. You might find some in your local health store which could work out more cost effective than online. £1.99 price, £5.50 delivery

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  1. […] move away from fruity yoghurts. Buy plain, natural or Greek and add your own fruit or even a little brown rice syrup/raw honey if you really need. At least you have control of the amount if you’re adding it […]

  2. […] I have used brown rice syrup to sweeten these but it’s a very small amount. When you’ve split the mixture up into portions the sugar content is very low and they tasted a nice sweet to me. Watch a helpful video on brown rice syrup vs. barley malt extract here. […]

  3. […] Anything that tastes sweet has something in it to taste like that. Whether it’s agave, dates, stevia or even a hefty portion of rice syrup. […]

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