Sustain your healthy efforts: 3 quick tips

You may be doing well with your healthy ‘eat less sugar’ efforts so far, but you need to keep going for a sustained period of time to really benefit from reduced cravings and longer term changed habits.

If your resolve is wavering, here are some quick tips to keep you on the straight and narrow as you soldier on:

1. Take it day by day

Just pretend today is the last day. Wake up tomorrow and do the same. This little tip worked wonders for me when I was really struggling with initial cravings. Some of those I’ve worked with who are finding things really tough break it down even further. Take it half day by half day, or even hour by hour if you need.

2. Get inspired with quotes

Surround yourself with inspiring health or ‘keep going’ quotes. I’ve started playing around with Pintrest where I’m collecting up my own collage of inspiring thoughts. Find your motivating quotes of choice, print a few out and stick them on your fridge. Add one as your screen saver, write another on the first page of your diary or even set one as your alarm if you can! You’ll be quoting in your Here are a few motivating quotes to set you on your way…




3. Affirm the positive out loud

Tell people about where things have gone well. Tell them about your bright spots (even the tiny ones) and highlight the things that have been working. Even if it’s not been plain sailing, make sure the out loud stories you’re telling are the more positive ones. This will help you firstly remember what you did that worked so well, and thus remind you to do it again.

So keep going, keep going, keep going my sugar fighting friends! Little baby steps. Small tweaks and improvements. Eating more (healthy food) rather than less, and of course, accepting it’s not meant to be a smooth straightforward ride. Embrace those bumps!

What other things are you doing to help you sustain and embed your new healthy habits?

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