Sugar substituting: Why you need almond butter

Have you heard of almond butter, and have you tried it? For those of you who have, this post will give you some handy suggestions for its use in a sugar-free diet. For those who haven’t (and who aren’t allergic to nuts), this stuff could rock your sugar-free world, so read on…

Become the master of substitution

One of the best tricks to master when reducing the sugar in your diet is the art of substitution. Substituting is a trial and error process where success is dramatically increased by choosing to eat alternative things you actually like. Yes I said LIKE, not forcing yourself to eat ‘healthy’ things that don’t come close to what you’re trying to stop eating.

There is no way a piece of celery is going to replace that piece of dairy milk and give you anywhere near the level of satisfaction you need to successfully wean you off. You’d probably rather either eat nothing than replace your dear chocolate with a piece of celery – right? You need something that feels a bit indulgent, satisfying but not sweet.


Enter almond butter….

This goopy, grainy version of the humble almond has been a revelation in my diet over the past year. Step aside peanut butter, there’s a cooler kid in town. Almond butter is more nutritious than peanut butter and because it’s just that little bit more runny, I find it more versatile to use. Oh, and I think it’s nicer. So thumbs up all round.

I’m currently using Meridian Smooth Almond Butter which I picked up in a slightly larger limited edition jar at my local health store Natures Intent. It’s sugar-free, low in salt and palm oil free. The ingredients are simply 100% roasted almonds with a little salt. You can’t get better than that when it comes to produce out of a jar.

Almond butter is a bit more expensive than its peanut equivalent where it’s usually about £2.39-£4.00 for a small jar, but I’d say it’s well worth it. And isn’t a piece of carrot cake in Starbucks about that these days, anyway?

Just some almond butter suggestions that I roll with:

  • Dip celery in it for a perfectly balanced protein-veg-healthy fat snack
  • Drizzle over porridge for extra protein and again, healthy fat
  • Spread over slice of apple as a real treat
  • Whack a dollop into smoothies to thicken up
  • Mix with hot milk, raw cacao powder and a little brown rice syrup for a comforting low sugar alternative to a hot chocolate
  • Very slowly eat a teaspoon after a meal with a cup of tea (good if you’re trying to break the post meal-sweet habit)
  • Use as a topping on an oatcake or rice cake (somewhat resembles a biscuit)
  • Make my frozen almond butter blueberry fudge instead of eating ice cream

A word of warning

Now maybe it’s my former ‘sugar addiction’ mentality but this stuff is so good that it borders on dangerous. There are some occasions where it’s just too easy to grab another spoonful out of the jar. So use it as your ultimate indulgent treat and put it on a higher shelf so it’s not in prime tempting position every time you open your cupboard.

Any other almond butter lovers reading this? How do you like to eat yours?

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