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Stop sugar cravings: Three new teas I’m loving

Sugar craving. Tea. Relief (at least a little).

OK, I know it doesn’t hit the spot all the time, but tea can seriously help on more occasions than not.

I still try new teas, even with a lack of cravings these days. My cupboard is stacked up in quite a ridiculous fashion. If there’s something I will enjoy reviewing for this blog it’s TEA!

Here are three that currently rock my tea filled world…

Regular Rooibos

Rooibos was initially a caffeine free option I wasn’t entirely sure of at first. I wanted to ease off the Earl Grey later on before bed. Fair to say it’s grown on me…loads. It’s got a distinctive taste and is very different from normal decaffeinated tea. A bit nutty and even moorish? I find I like a decent splash of milk to make it creamy.

I buy the Tick Tock brand in Morrisons but I find most home supermarket brands are pretty good.

Green Tea Rooibos

stop sugar cravings

I got given a few samples of this Tick Tock Green Rooibos at a recent trade show and I like it a lot. I go through real phases with green tea and I’m not usually a big fan. You can seriously mess it up by leaving the tea bag in too long and I’m prone to this. If you like rooibos tea however, this is a nice combination. The bitter edge that green tea can sometimes have is taken away. It’s also decaffeinated, which is a plus if super sleep is on your agenda.

Equali hazelnut and caramel loose leaf tea

Rooibos tea

Again, I was kindly given some of this and my heart shaped tea strainer came out to play. Named ‘It’s a secret’, it’s described like this on the website…

“A soft whisper, this tea reveals itself by releasing a woody and gourmand bouquet. The round flavours of caramel and hazelnut mingle happily with complex notes of Pu Erh, transporting us to unknown, but exciting territories”

I’m not quite there with this sophisticated level of tea description, but I’ll do my best.

stop sugar cravings

I’ve never gone crazy for fruit flavoured teas because I found they smelt so amazing, and I’d be disappointed by the fact they tasted more like dark scented hot water. Just me?

Anyway, this tea did smell incredible. Sweet, indulgent and like a Cadbury’s caramel bar. I was worried the same disappointment would happen. It does and it doesn’t. Obviously this tea does not taste exactly like eating a hazelnut drenched in sweet caramel, but it is satisfying, sweetish tasting and surprisingly refreshing. Unknown exciting territories? I’m not sure, but I’ll certainly drink it again. Just a bit unfortunate that currently you can only buy online.

Tea reviewing done. Time to get my daily rooibos fix.

Any crave soothing tea favourites? Or fruity teas that are worth a try?

stop sugar cravings

P.S I’m trying to take better pictures if you haven’t noticed!



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7 replies
  1. AngieChurchill
    AngieChurchill says:

    Hi Laura,  have you tried Teapigs?  Specifically the Liquorice & Mint variety? As a tea addict and (hopefully soon to be ex) sugar addict I cannot recommend it highly enough – it’s the only herbal tea I can bear to drink without adding sugar or honey – naturally sweet from liquorice and made from whole mint leaves packaged in a gorgeous little “temple”, it is to die for!  A bit pricier than other teas but definitely worth it …
    Angie x

    • lauraj_thomas
      lauraj_thomas says:

      AngieChurchill yes I have heard of teapigs but haven’t tried yet so need to check them out. That’s super that you’ve found a sweet tea you like already. This will be your first main craving buster when you start the programme! I shall look to try and review, but thanks for providing the link to other readers :)

  2. SJB123
    SJB123 says:

    If you like Earl Grey you’ll love Dragonfly Tea’s Earl Grey Roibos! I buy it in Waitrose or Holland & Barrett (but I’m sure it’s in most of the major supermarkets these days).  Have you tried Jasmine Green Tea? I found that to be a brilliant caffeine replacement when I gave up coffee for a while.

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      I will check out that Dragonfly tea you mentioned as I think I would like. I’m not a big fan of Jasmine Green Tea but sometimes these things take a while to grow on me! It’s all about finding good substitutes for things you’re trying to cut down on though!

  3. Lowsugargirll
    Lowsugargirll says:

    I like Dr Harris fennel tea and any green tea with mint or jasmine. Hot water with fresh mint leaves is also very refreshing.

    • lauraj_thomas
      lauraj_thomas says:

      Lowsugargirll great suggestion there I will look out for Dr Harris. I also like fresh mint in hot water, especially after a meal :)


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