sugar and weight gain

Sugar and weight gain: The science is in

So if me banging on about it in my About page and other posts hasn’t been enough, this week a scientific study from confirmed that excess sugar does lead to a ‘small but significant’ increase in weight. The change in my diet and the ease at which I can maintain my weight since going low sugar was enough to convince me of the case, but it’s nice to have the weight of this study backing the scientific arguments of Dr Lustig, David Gillespie and others even further.

So I thought I’d run with a simplified rundown of the findings and what it might mean to you going about you’re happy little day.

sugar and weight gain

The study in quick fire

  • 71 studies in total
  • Participants advised to reduce “free sugars” (refined sugar, honey, syrup and fruit juices)
  • Those that reduced lost on average a little weight (0.8kg) and those who increased put on weight (0.75kg)

Interesting points

  • Replacing sugars with carbohydrate did not result in any weight change
  • It didn’t work on the children because they didn’t do what they were told (not surprising really)
  • “the overall consistency of the findings, regardless of the study type, is reassuring” Well there you go…

Sugar and weight gainPotential takeaways (purely my interpretation) 

Ok it’s not a massive difference in weight but it’s pretty compelling. You can eat yourself low fat till you’re blue in the face, but if you’re chugging down orange juice along with low fat & calorie ‘sweet treats’ like no tomorrow, whilst trying to lose weight, you’re not doing yourself any favours. I wish I’d flipping well known this for the last god knows how many years when I was doing exactly that and busting a gut at the gym. Doh!

Eating a little carbohydrate instead of something with added sugars is potentially a better way to go. Think an oatcake hummus snack over a fruity added sugar yoghurt or fruit juice mid afternoon.

Finally, we’re still learning. Scientific evidence is ever developing, discovering and enlightening us around what we should be eating. Alternatively you can just try and listen to your body. It will tell you if you’ve got it right or wrong in how you look, feel, sleep, function, not to mention the number of colds you suffer in a year. Zero sniffles in 2013 please.

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