Sugar and self doubt: 3 doubts to banish

Sugar is annoying. Self doubt is annoying. We indulge in both and we don’t want to…blegh WHY?

I write this because sometimes, like everyone, I feel some self doubt about things in my life. This makes me remember some of the doubt that I felt with sugar not so long ago. These doubts have now evaporated from my life but I think it’s worth sharing what sugar-related self doubt can creep up on you at times. I’m living proof that you can push through this doubt and I’m hoping that writing this helps you, but also reminds me that the things I’m thinking now, I will push through in a similar way.

Common sugar self doubts

1. Am I SURE I really want to eat less sugar?

Life is too short. Sugar is nice. I don’t care as much about the long term health impact, I’d rather eat my cake now, enjoy it and live a happy life. Do you know how many times I thought this when I was in the throes of changing my habits?…A LOT. There were many times when I wasn’t completely sure if I did want to eat less sugar, but I kept going and I can honestly say I’m really really thankful that I did. Forget working out if you’re sure or not, and just do it. Give it a try for a sustained period of time and make a decision based on a longer timespan rather than a moment like this. Chances are you’ll come out on the other side smiling and very willing to carry on.

2. I can’t give up sugar like everyone can, it’s just too hard for me

You think your emotional attachment to [insert sweet food] is too strong to break right? You love that sweet food way more than the average Joe and could never give it up forever. I thought this too… about muesli bars… yes muesli bars! I know, I know, most people are addicted to drugs and alcohol but I couldn’t go a day without some dried fruit-sticky-puffed rice concoction, it was a bit sad. Anyway, I don’t eat them now….like ever! They aren’t part of my life. I did go through a period of sadness about this, but it passed. I wouldn’t want to eat a Special K now if someone paid me to. Let me tell you, if I can leave my muesli bars behind, you can leave anything you want to behind. It can be done.

Now you understand why I decided to use this as the main picture on my website!

Now you understand why I decided to use this as the main picture on my website!

3. What will people think of me?

Well I can tell you, they don’t actually care THAT much. I have possibly been on the side of caring what people think of me too much in the past. This played into making me question changing my sugar habits when no-one else was because I was worried what they’d think and how I’d come across at times. No-one really wants to be that awkward one at the dinner party do they?

However, it turned out my friends like me exactly the same if I eat sugar or not; people were in fact more interested in what I was doing and saying rather than dishing it; and without knowing it, I secretly inspired people to change but they never let me know. I really wish I had know all of this when I was worrying about what people thought.

So it isn’t easy at times, in fact it’s not easy a lot of the time. These thoughts will come and go and it’s important for you to know that most people feel them. Like sugar cravings, self doubt just pops up and is not easy to instantly shake, but persevere and you can come out the other side as a winner.

Have you got any self doubts that are limiting your healthy low sugar efforts?

Photo by Sarah Macmillan

Photo by Sarah Macmillan


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