I told you the tins were pretty!

Review: Twinings Mulled Spiced Tea

I honestly don’t think I could have successfully cut back on sugar without tea. It filled that gap of ‘wanting something’ after a meal of and gave me a suitable distraction from cravings when they came knocking. So when Twinings sent me their latest Christmas themed Mulled wine tea to try, it did feel like Christmas had come early. Not to mention in an extremely pretty tin (we girls appreciate these things). I am tempted to buy a few Christmas themed tea gifts from the Twinings selection.

Whilst Earl Grey is my staple tea of choice, I am a big fan of all things spiced, one being Chai Tea which I reviewed earlier this month.

The Mulled Spice variety is different to the Chai, despite the cinnamon and cloves. Mulled Spice is a black tea from Assam with Christmas flavours of cinnamon, orange peel and cloves.

Brewing this tea it comes out darker than the Chai tea and so you get a stronger colour and taste. You can smell the cloves, the spice instantly, all I could think was this is actually Christmas in a mug!

I told you the tins were pretty!

Mulled Wine and tea? Can it work? Well, it appears so. I felt like I was drinking tea and a little bit of mulled wine at the same time – if that’s actually possible!? The tea is warming, aromatic, and by the time I’d finished I’d completely forgotten about the Halloween cake bar someone had offered me five minutes earlier.

Classic black tea in a clear cup

If you’re looking for a festive treat that isn’t a sugar bomb then this is definitely an enjoyable option.  Now Halloween is done the Christmas run up is upon us and I will continue to enjoy my Christmas tea throughout all the shopping, partying and wrapping!

Does tea work for you when it comes to cravings? Are you a spice fan or does it really not do it for you? I know there was a period of time where cinnamon was a no go (thanks to Red Aftershock!). Thank goodness I am over that now!

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