Twinings Chai box...a bit pink and pretty

Review: Twinings Chai Tea

Twinings Chai box…a bit pink and pretty

Only suitable that this my first product to be reviewed because I think this product is an absolute gem when it comes to curbing sugar cravings.

I’ve recently been roughly following Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar and trying out a few recipes from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook book as an experiment to see what happens at the real extreme of quitting sugar a bit more hardcore than I have usually gone for. Interested to know more then read my review of this book click here.

One thing Sarah swears by is chai tea to help curb cravings and deal with any detox symptoms (not had too many of those yet luckily). Now I haven’t managed to make chai tea from scratch myself, mostly because it just seems a little time consuming for a daily cuppa, but a suitable short cut is there to be had…

Enter Twinings Chai Tea. This is as easy as making a standard cup of tea but with a nice hint of spice. It’s weaker than normal tea, so with a splash of milk is quite milky, but it really has a nice subtle all things spice kick that I can happily enjoy all year round. I find adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to it can bring out and enhance the flavour even more.

If you do want to add some sugar or sweetener this will likely satisfy a sweet craving and stop you reaching for a biscuit or chocolate instead.

Cinnamon is a total power spice which is proven to reduce cravings amongst other things. To name a few it helps reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and it is proven to help with menstrual pain, good stuff eh?

The smell gets me every time and I think of Christmas, winter cosyness and ok maybe a little of mulled wine. I shall be stocked up on my Twining Chai Tea, especially over the festive season and maybe one day I’ll get round to making my own!

Anyone got some experience of homemade chai tea they would like to share?

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