Ready for sugar-free change? Ask yourself these questions

In addition to the ins and outs of sugar and eating healthy, I have a very big interest in personal change. This past week, I have been studying some different phases of change in terms of recognising where people are and what mental blockers might be getting in the way.

I think it’s helpful to look at these different stages of change in terms of identifying where you might be in regards to sugar or health and asking yourself some powerful questions. Read the following, identify where you’re at and reflect by writing a comment…(note you can use this for any change in your life: career, relationship, sugar, health etc.)

1. Pre-contemplation

This is where you have really no intention of changing. You don’t want to hear how you get healthy by eating less sugar because you feel absolutely fine. When I start telling people what I do (in terms of sugar coaching) and their eyes glaze over, I know they’re probably here. Chances are you wouldn’t be reading this if you’re in this stage. Anyway just in case ask:

  • Am I in denial?
  • Could I just spend a minute entertaining the thought?

2. Contemplation

This might be where you consider changing your habits but other things or ‘life’ get in the way. You don’t have time to embark on a health change or implement new habits.  It’s maybe that you don’t feel you have the money, time or resources to get the support you want. Sometimes it’s a case of having other priorities (which is fine) and sometimes it’s a case of limiting belief where you’re not sure if you can really change (this isn’t as fine and you need get those limiting beliefs out of the head!). Questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the cost of not changing?
  • How much longer can you put up with the negative aspects of the problem?
  • How much energy is it taking up (mentally & physically)?

3. Preparation

Here you’re pretty sure you’re going to do something about it. You’re going to read some books or get support and you’re just weighing up your options. Questions to ask yourself here:

  • When I’ve changed before, what’s worked in the past?
  • What’s the ideal support I could have with this?
  • What’s the missing piece to make a solid decision?

4. Action!

This is where you get your arse in gear and it starts falling into place. Shifts start happening, you learn about yourself and where you want to get to more deeply. Questions here:

  • What is my ideal outcome?
  • How will I know when I’ve got there?
  • How can I keep motivated, on track and inspired?

5. Relapses

It happens to the best of us. We stumble, falter and have a mighty old setback i.e. eat a load of sugar in some form or another. Trust it’s part of the process, and a very important part at that. Most of the time with my coaching clients, the mega tough points translate to being the biggest breakthroughs. Questions to ask:

  • What have I learnt from this?
  • What conditions were in play?
  • What can I do today to help with this next time?

6. Maintenance

The final stage, the sweet spot. I say this because for many this is living in harmony with sugar. Note, not without all sugar, but with a happy new controlled attitude to it and a rebalanced sense of ‘take it or leave it’ moderation. It really is the sweet spot if you’ve suffered addiction or just an unhealthy relationship with it. Flowing into this stage can take time, effort, continuity and persistence. Questions to ask:

  • What does staying here do positively for me?
  • How will I be in 3 months, 6 months and a year?
  • Who or what is going to keep me on the straight and narrow?

As I went through this myself in terms of sugar, I could recognise the stages, but even more interestingly I thought a lot about my career change choices as I studied these questions and theories. They are great questions you can apply all over.

I’d love to know what insights you’ve drawn from answering any of them or where you think you might be? Leave a comment and let’s get talking!

Laura x

P.S If you’d like that extra support achieving your own version of healthy low sugar maintenance in your life, do get in touch to book a complimentary Sugar Self Discovery session with me.

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  1. Sarah Stone
    Sarah Stone says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’m sooo pleased to have found your blog! I’m on week 5 of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ program and am loving it! It’s not all been easy but I’m really excited at where it’s taking me.

    I’ve done a lot of the taking action part and can see the sweet spot in the near future.

    I’m enjoying trying new snacks and recipes, with a few disasters eg too much Stevia urgh!, green cupcakes and regularly burnt kale crisps.

    I used the creamy smoothness of coconut cream to get me through the first week and all it’s cravings but now only have it maybe once a week and even then it’s not at all because I’m craving it 🙂 I’m loving savoury foods in a whole new way – I’d had a mega sweet tooth all my life up until 4 weeks ago, with major problems with Reactive Hypoglycemia, I now sleep much better, have tonnes more energy and enthusiasm for just about everything in life, have no energy slumps just tiredness due to doing so much more in the garden etc 😉 and am much more even tempered – my children love this side of it but are not so keen on how they feel I’m influencing them food wise 😉

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Sarah,

      That sounds amazing, so thrilled for you. It’s incredible when all that positive stuff happens and it really motivates you through the cravings. What will be important for you is just settling into it all as a way of life and a lifestyle (that your children don’t mind!).

      Good luck with everything and hope you enjoy the added support of the Happy Sugar Habits blog. Do let me know if there’s anything particular you’d like me to post about.

      Laura x


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  2. […] read about Laura’s business at Happy Sugar Habits and get her tips on her blog (like this one: Ready for sugar-free change? Ask yourself these questions) or follow her on […]

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