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Hello, I’m Laura Thomas – a coach for sugar yo-yo dieters who are fed up of over-thinking the sugar grams and who want moderate sugar normally so that they can beat the binge and finally get on and do other cool stuff with their lives!

(& fully enjoy some gelato completely guilt free if that features in said cool life!)

Translation: I teach people how to eat one chocolate (okay, maybe 2 or 3) rather than 10… or the whole box… or an extra half tub of ice cream…

With sugar being the new fat, we are on the verge of a sugar yo-yo dieting epidemic. On, off, on (yay longer this time!), off (oh sugar, worse this time)… you know what I mean.

But before we go any further, let’s get two things straight: 

I DONT make people quit sugar

I DO help people tame their sweet tooth and stop over-thinking sugar

This is about YOU and where you want to spend you mental energy and efforts for the rest of your life when you aren’t worried about how to ‘stay on track’ with sugar.

This is about YOU fully maintaining your ideal weight by having a sensible and normal relationship with sugar that means you can have the odd fancy dessert or treat but not let it all blow out.

Essentially this is about learning to eat sugar in a new and powerful way.
More intuitive. More mindful. Less rules.

It’s about understanding where you use sugar for stress, distraction or emotional purposes… and not doing that anymore.

And it’s about appreciating that sugar isn’t great for your health and can be a little tempting devil at times, but it can be managed and feature as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As far as I’m concerned, life is too short to stress about, live in fear of or completely go without sugar.

You can have your cake and eat it (completely guilt free). I’m here to show you how…

Laura xxx

P.S Reading my full story here or signing up to my free video training course are two of the best places to start. Or you can browse some of the blog posts below. Enjoy!!