Need sweet after a meal? Over 50 low sugar ideas to try

It’s what you’ve always done since you can remember. It’s second nature. The day just doesn’t feel right without it.

The little Dairy Milk chocolate; the regular Nakd bar sweetness; or that mini pudding – it’s just what you do after eating your main meal, right?


You know you’re not hungry for this sweetness and it’s totally habit, but it’s so firmly engrained that you can’t imagine life without it.

When anyone subscribes up to receive my weekly updates and free video e-course I now them to send me a quick line on what they struggle with the most when it comes to sugar, eating habits or sweetness.

The post meal sweet fix wins hands down for the most common thing that people mention. I’ve already written 12 tips for this habit but I thought I would just bash out a long list of alternatives that might spark inspiration or things you haven’t thought about.

How to use this list..

  1. Pick a few of your favourites. Pick 1-2 that you know you like, one that you’ve no idea if you like and one you didn’t think you like that you’re willing to re-try (often people can rediscover things using this approach).
  2. Try each one for a day or two. Three days if you can. This will be tough at first. It will require a little upfront discipline so make sure you aren’t trying to mentally do too much else.
  3. Have FUN and enjoy trying new things and experimenting. Go out and buy yourself some trendy nut butter, a pretty tea or cute bowl for your yoghurt (I have a cute bowl!).

A few more notes:

  • This is about ‘better’ options. Everything is relative to you. Just make an incremental upgrade rather than worrying about picking the perfect option all the time.
  • Accept you may go through phases with these and seek to change periodically. I had a chai tea phase, then it was the almond butter and now I’m partial to really dark chocolate or yoghurt with cacao nibs.
  • Once it’s pretty low sugar, don’t overly stress about it unless it’s causing some other physical or emotional pain. You can live happily ever after enjoying something healthy that doesn’t drive sweet cravings too much. KEEP PERSPECTIVE!!
  • If you’re already rolling with some of these, why not mix up your routine and try some new ones.
  • Oh yeah HAVE FUN experimenting. It’s really satisfying when you change this habit and learn to love something that is healthy.

Not so much fruit on this list..

I’ve not listed loads of fruit or anything with dried fruit in it because I’ve tried to keep this list low on fructose so it helps reduce your need for sweetness. Feel free to add a little fruit in to jazz things up if you want but be mindful of it’s impact on the sweetness you crave overall. Read to fruit or not to fruit for more on this topic.


Anyway HERE IS THE LIST!! Please add your own in the comments below the blog and we have a great resource.


  • Plain unsweetened full fat natural yoghurt
  • Yoghurt with cinnamon
  • Coconut yoghurt
  • Yoghurt with flaxseed powder/seeds/chopped nuts
  • Yoghurt with fresh/frozen blueberries or raspberries

Total yoghurt strawberries

  • Yoghurt with cacao nibs (one of my favourites)
  • Yoghurt with coconut flakes or desiccated coconut
  • Some delightful mix of all of the above!


Mini pudding like

  • Cottage cheese with chopped apple, cinnamon & seeds
  • Cottage cheese with a drizzle of yacon syrup or brown rice syrup
  • Natural yoghurt with chopped nuts, berries and grated dark chocolate
  • Mashed sweet potato with natural yoghurt & topping

sweet potato _ creamed coconut

Nut butter

  • Teaspoon almond butter (add cacao nibs for indulgent fix)
  • Teaspoon cashew butter
  • Teaspoon of hazelnut butter (mix in some cacao for chocolate fix)
  • Nut butter on sliced apple
  • Nut butter in celery


Biscuit like or substantial

  • Ricecake with nut butter
  • Ricecake with mashed banana & chopped nuts
  • Oatcakes (plain)
  • Oatcake with cottage cheese and seeds

Cold drinks

  • Glass of coconut water
  • Glass of milk
  • Glass of fizzy water with lemon/lime
  • Glass of unsweetened almond milk
  • Iced homemade fruity or green teas


Hot drinks

  • Peppermint tea
  • Licorice tea
  • Fennel tea
  • Green tea (I LOVE the mango variety)
  • Chai tea (homemade with teabags only – optional add extra cinnamon)
  • English breakfast tea
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Any other coffee or tea with no sugar that exist in the world!

Rooibos tea

Coconut stuff

  • Fresh coconut chunks (can buy in Sainsburys and Waitrose these days)
  • Coconut water (double check for added sugar)
  • Coconut flakes
  • Toasted coconut flakes (Holland & Barratt do some)
  • Spoonful of desiccated coconut (might dry your mouth ha!)

coconut pieces


  • 100 or 99% dark chocolate
  • 70-90% chocolate (85% is my favourite)
  • Cacao nibs
  • Hot chocolate made with milk & cacao powder (milk can sweeten naturally)


Nuts & bits

  • Cashew nuts
  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Mixed nuts


  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raw cacao nibs
  • Goji berries
  • Various combinations of the above mixed together (my current favourite is goji berries, cacao nibs and pumpkin seeds)

Goji berries



Hopefully you have some inspiration and new things to try. You CAN change this habit and it’s really empowering when you do. I would now take yoghurt and cacao nibs over a lot of other things these days. Also remember you can replace with an activity like taking a walk etc….but that’s for another day….

Again, please tell me what you currently have, what you’d like to try or any other winning combination that MUST BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD!??

Comment below…



11 replies
  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Hi Laura

    What recipe is the picture that is shown under the list of recipes towards the end of your article? It’s the chocolaty looking one. It looks delicious but I can’t find it!
    Many thanks, Katie

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Yes peanuts are good! Very good long sustaining form of energy so go for it. Can’t think why I forgot them off the list – they are the only nuts I can get my hands on right now!

  2. Tara Swartzendruber
    Tara Swartzendruber says:

    So, not to be a debbie downer….but THIS (this list – and others like it) is why I turn to sugar a lot. There is pretty much nothing on this list that I want to eat. I can’t do yogurt (texture/taste), coconut (taste), tea (taste)….I’m extremely picky. And trust me, I’ve tried….and tried….and tried…. But sometimes the more I try to eat the healthy food, the stronger my cravings seem to be for sugar because I hate everything else I’m eating. The only thing that looks good to me is the nuts, but they are pretty high in calories so I don’t want to overeat them. I will try something again (maybe the cottage cheese with toppings), but I do feel a bit discouraged. Any advice?

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Hi Tara, I’m SO glad you wrote this comment. It’s absolutely crucial that you don’t try and force things that you don’t like in the place of your favourite sugar treats. You need to find things that you like. The nuts if you like them are a really good shout that many people use to wean off sugar. I’d say if you’re concerned about calories you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to forget about calories for a while and focus on getting your cravings down (which the nuts will help with). 200 calories of sugar reacts in the body very differently to 200 calories of nuts and the sugar can end up leading to more fatty acids in the blood. Give the nuts a go and the cottage cheese – what are your favourite savoury foods I’d ask?

      • Tara
        Tara says:

        not sure what all fits the definition of “savory” but I also crave/eat pizza, pasta with alfredo, popcorn, chips, enchiladas (yep, cheese!). I do redeem myself a BIT by eating veggies/salads and some fruit, but yeah, my whole diet could use an overhaul. Unfortunately there are so many things I don’t

        • Laura
          Laura says:

          Hi Tara, don’t despair! it’s probably a case of you finding someone who can help you brainstorm ideas for bringing healthy stuff in that you ENJOY. So like you say keep adding in and crowding out with fruit and veggies, find healthier versions of your favourites etc. Over time your tastes and cravings may shift. Also make a point of re-testing foods you don’t think you like and give them another chance 😉 Good luck xx


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