Mykonos…Hen do….Sugar overload? Not really

For those of you who are subscribed, you’ll know from my last newsletter that I was heading to Mykonos for a hen do at the end of July. Ice cream, cold fizzy drinks, fruit juiced based cocktails and the constant ‘I’m on holiday’ excuse for a treat, this could have been a right old sugar-fest that sent me right back to my old ways. So how did I navigate this social sugar-bomb situation?

I ate some sugar, yes, but I avoided it being obscene and certainly didn’t completely go overboard like I used to. Here are some of things I did that might help you if you head off on a similar type of holiday…


I tried to still keep breakfast right

You’ll see in my video below, breakfast had loads of delicious savoury low sugar choices. I filled myself up on a good breakfast everyday and wasn’t even tempted by all the cakes and crossiants that would have been my former choice. In fact, I think I filled myself up with so much greek yoghurt, I was full for the rest of the day and just needed the odd snack to keep going.

Made my own vodka mixer

Ok, this drink isn’t ideal but instead of Coke or Fanta with vodka, I bought some peach juice and fizzy water to make my own diluted cocktail number. It had sugar, yes, but it had a lot less than everything else that was on offer and was tastier and more refreshing in my opinion. I used to drink a lot of diet coke on these types of hot holidays and initially opted for that but I really found I disliked the taste. Maybe it’s because I know I’m drinking chemicals and it’s just too artificially sweet for me these days. When I was out, I ordered either wine, beer, or vodka, soda and fresh lime, staying away from overly sugary cocktails.

Banana smoothie instead of an ice cream

There was one day where I fancied something cold and refreshing so I opted for a banana smoothie. I did ask the nice chap to skip the syrup and made sure he didn’t add any ice cream, but it was still creamy cold delicious and hit the spot perfectly. I didn’t eat ice cream all holiday and I still had an epic time! Missing out really is all in your head.

Didn’t eat sugar just because I could

There were sweets on the plane, One Direction lovehearts flying around the apartments (amusing!), and many opportunities to eat sweet somewhat mindlessly just because you’re on holiday and you can. It was easier to avoid all of these because my cravings have diminished and I was having too much fun, but I was mindful not to eat unhealthy food just because I was in ‘holiday mode’. I committed to eating things only if I really wanted or fancied them.

Drank loads of water

I drank loads of water, it almost got annoying. You should do this anyway in a hot country, but making sure you’re not dehydrated is going to help you avoid craving the sugary fizz by the pool….and obviously help avoid or cure hangovers!

Experimented and dipped my toe in sugary waters

There was one night where I had a banana and Nutella crepe (with added nuts). Yes, I said pure, refined, sugary NUTELLA! (I did ask the lady to go easy with it and spread it thinly!). I just fancied it one night and was curious to see how I would feel. You know what, it tasted pretty good. I didn’t feel guilty afterwards, I didn’t feel sick and I didn’t suddenly start craving sugar again the next few days. I felt completely safe and in control, I knew that it would be a complete one off,  but appreciate it’s taken a wee while for me to get to this point and I’ve been very careful over the past year to do so.

So in summary, yes, I ate a lot more sugar (mostly natural where I could) over those few days than I do at home. However I didn’t eat half as much as I would have done a year ago and I really did have the most incredible time.

I was also completely disowned by all the girls when I recorded this video to show you the healthy breakfast options. Enjoy!

How do you handle your holidays? Do you just let it all go or try to be somewhat mindful?


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  1. Philippa
    Philippa says:

    This is brilliant – I had the same attitude when I went to Italy a few weeks ago and had been doing the whole no-low sugar thing for only a few weeks and was worried about falling off the wagon. It was SO easy and really no different to what you would do if you were following any kind of healthy eating plan. Drinks heaps of water and indulge mindfully – whatever you do have, enjoy it and don’t have it just because it’s there. That worked really well for me too and I didn’t feel I’d missed out at all.
    The only thing was that I was SO switched off on the sugary treats I forgot to bring any chocolates/biscuits back for the office, which is the tradition. Luckily no one noticed! 😉

    • lauraj_thomas
      lauraj_thomas says:

      Philippa Yes we are fighting that tradition! The office post holiday chocolate ritual is rife.  I think you have just inspired another post on that as a separate issue. Glad you feel you got a good holiday balance.


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