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Having a rant: Fat vs. sugar

Who doesn’t love a bit of a rant every now and then. Those days when something happens that is completely ridiculous and you feel the need to vent about it to an hilarious extent. I bet you could list something that happened today or something you feel passionate about that’s worthy of a justified rant.

I certainly know some of the killer days coming off sugar with cravings that were driving me crazy I could have ranted to anyone about a) how much I wanted and would have done anything for a fat piece of juicy carrot cake and b) how much I didn’t want to eat any more flipping eggs for breakfast.

One morning I clearly remember ranting to my poor unsuspecting flatmate ‘NO MORE GOD DAMN EGGS I MISS MUSELI AND CEREAL I WOULD RATHER NOT EAT ANY BREAKFAST RIGHT NOW AND I FEEL MOODY ARGH’ (excuse the capitals). Getting over ‘hump’ with sugar does suck at it’s worst. It passes, you have to trust me there.

I write note on ranting because I stumbled on this fantastic fat vs. sugar rant yesterday by Charlotte Palmer that put a smile on my face.

I met Charlotte at The Yoga Show back in November and we instantly struck a chord on the sugar issue. Then if by fate, I bumped into again her upon a visit to Nature’s Intent in Balham where she was spreading the COYO Coconut yoghurt love (read my review here).

With a similar passion for spreading the right messages about fat and sugar, Charlotte is nutritionist with some great articles and recipes on her website

But I won’t say anymore, I will just let you listen. The passion is there and I love passionate people. Go Charlotte!

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