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Happy sugar breakfast ideas & Sarah Wilson ebook sale

This week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week, nothing other than a celebration of all things breakfast. From the traditional fry up to a the humble banana, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I wouldn’t like to be around me if I was to miss it that’s for sure.

The best thing about #BreakfastWatch is that it’s inspired me to have something different everyday. It’s so easy to get into a routine with the same things, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge to try something new each day.

Here are three sugar friendly breakfast ideas that beat a bowl of Special K tenfold.

1. Courgette scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado


There’s something about avocado, tomato and eggs that works incredibly well. I just felt sorry for the half courgette sitting in the fridge, so it joined the party too.

This is one of my favourite breakfast combinations to pull together, and it’ll set you up a treat. Slice the courgette and fry in a little butter before you scramble the eggs on top. Add loads of black pepper then decorate with a fanned avocado and tomato for picture perfect appeal. I add a slice of spelt toast and voila.

 2. Homemade muesli with kiwi fruit

low sugar muesli

This concoction came about when I’d run out of homemade granola and I fancied a cereal/museli type breakfast without dried fruit. I opened up my cupboard and sleepily chucked the following in my bowl before mixing it all together and adding some milk. Turned out pretty well, I pleasantly surprised myself.

Measurements are guesstimates, I literally just chucked it together in a somewhat haphazard fashion. Next time I will try to measure more accurately.

3 tbsp of oats

2 tbsp Jordan’s Wheatgerm

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

1 tbsp golden linseeds

1 tbsp sunflower & pumpkin seed mix

A few almonds and cashews

1-2 chopped kiwi fruit

3. Berry ‘beefed up’ porridge

Low sugar porridge

Warming porridge is an unparalleled comfort somedays. Frozen berries are a cost saving delicious lifesaver. Bang them together for a win-win. I put about 3 tbsp oats, some frozen berries and a tbsp of flaxseed powder in a bowl ready to nuke in the microwave. Once cooked to a suitable consistency, I then top with some Total greek yoghurt and a generous sprinkling of seeds. This ‘beefs up’ the protein element to keep mid morning hunger at bay.

Sarah Wilson ebook Sale

I’ll also just add that Sarah Wilson is having a four day weekend sale of all her I Quit Sugar ebooks starting today until the 28th. A source of great low sugar recipes including the Pumpkin Spiced Granola which is up there in my top breakfast hitters. You can either read my review of her 8 week I Quit Sugar plan or learn more about the bundle deal here.

Please note I am an affiliate so I will get a little something if you decide to go for it and click through any of my links. I will only promote stuff I’ve tried myself and believe to be worthy.

Hit me and leave a comment below if you’d like to let me know your breakfast favourites or ideas?

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  1. AngieChurchill
    AngieChurchill says:

    Ooh love these ideas – since trying to reduce sugar AND increase alkaline-rich foods breakfast is the one meal I’ve been struggling with (maybe a mistake to attempt both at the same time … hey ho!) … I’ll share any other good recipes I come across.


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