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Five reasons why you should consider a January health kick

The Christmas excess is over and right now you may never want to look at another mince pie again. This week it was reported that government minister Jo Swinson cautioned magazine editors about publishing quick fix ‘miracle’ detox diets.

Whilst I agree many of these are unrealistic and unsustainable, I’m of the view that January is an excellent time to get set with some good healthy habits, for five reasons:

1. Free information is there for the taking

Everyone is going on about it, magazines and papers are full of articles to inspire or give some handy help (including the Happy Sugar Habits tips). Granted, you shouldn’t january health kicksdelude yourself with unrealistic results and claims, but there are some good pointers to pick up. You may as well try and absorb some of this information, even if Jennifer Aniston’s baby food recommendation isn’t quite for you (it’s full of sugar anyway!)

2. Supportive and supporting friends

It’s likely you can call on a few friends to help coach you during January. Tackling hard wired habits can be like climbing a mountain in a pair of high heels – hard, painful and at times, seemingly pointless. Having friends close by will keep you going through tough times. You can return the motivational love when they nearly chuck the towel in (or decide to chuck the high heels down the mountain).

health kicks in January

3. I will eat/wear/use [insert healthy purchase] because I bought it

There are many special offers on health foods, fitness classes and gear this time of year. Not only can you bag yourself a good deal, spending money on a gym membership or buying some new lycra jogging pants might just spur you on a little more for the sheer reason you don’t want to squander your hard earned cash.

4. If you don’t try, you won’t change

Whilst super good intentions can kick off well, we all know an overly strict diet and militant fitness regime likely means you’re going end up rather glum. Focus on a few things and chances are one will stick or make at least some improvement.

Experiment. Quit refined sugar and see how you feel; try not to eat cereal more than once a week; or ditch the sugary drinks. One improvement is better than nothing, so be realistic and kind to yourself. If it fails at least you tried.

5. Having a happy January

Blue Monday on the 21st Jan is meant to be the most depressing day in the year. Yep it’s dark, probably raining and a holiday feels light-years away. Boosting endorphins from exercise, increased energy and better sleep from a lower sugar diet will help bust any looming January blues.

Happy January heath

Of course, if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to subscribe to Happy Sugar Habits and kick of with your free weekly sugar busting tips.

There are certainly some sugar habits I need to refresh after a few too many Christmas chocolates, but I can honestly say I didn’t want half the stuff I used to eat over the festive season. Whilst I indulged, it was on a lesser scale and very different to my sugar-hooked days. It was immensely satisfying turning down desserts and treats because I actually just didn’t fancy them. If you want this to be you next year, then subscribe and get started at what I think is the easiest time of year to do so. Lots of readers are on their merry way already.

Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar Competition Winner

Congratulations to Julia MacNaughton who has won the Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar gift voucher. I’ll be e-mailing you in a few months to see how you go with it.

Have you decided on a health initiative or Happy Sugar Habit for Jan? If so, write a comment, let me know and commit yourself to doing it. You’ll double your chances of success by doing so and I’ll answer any sugar related queries if you have them.

I’ll kick off with mine which is to try to experiment more with sugar substitutes when baking (just perfecting a carrot cake recipe I will soon share!)

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