Don’t fall for all ‘healthy’ marketing: 3 key tips

So firstly Happy New Year!! I am super excited for all things Happy Sugar Habits that are on the horizon for 2013. Amongst other things 2012 was a great year just because this blog was born. An idea came to life and I am doing something I love and truly feel very passionate about.

There are some projects and various things I am working on at the moment to help more people get their head around sugar (in a fun and easy way) and help others make positive changes to their health that are realistic in terms of lifestyle.

Bring on 2013!

Bring on 2013!

If you’ve liked some of the stuff, please share the blog with your co-workers, friends or family, especially if you think they eat too much sugar!

Hopefully, you’re thinking of kicking sugar this year or even just cutting back a bit. All I can say is just do it. Sign up for Happy Sugar Habits today for weekly tips and help and feel free to fire me over any questions by e-mail.

Control what goes in your basket

Control what goes in your basket

For the rest of this post, I want to caution against the mass of low fat and ‘healthy’ marketing around at the moment.

January is the time when every supposedly ‘healthy’ product will be reaching out for your pennies and unfortunately some can be misleading and aren’t as healthy as they seem. In addition to my warning on ‘low fat’ produce, which you can read in The bit about sugar, here are my three biggest tips for shopping smart against clever marketing…

1. Tick boxes

Apparently the more health box ticks a product has, the more likely someone is to buy it. So, even if that packet of healthy biscuits are wholewheat, all natural sugar, low fat, high in fibre and whatever else, check the ingredients and make your own decision. Don’t be instantly swayed by lots of claims or healthy tick boxes on the front.

2. Source of fibre

Watch out for ‘fibre’ products. Lots of things have fibre like whole fruit and whole grains etc. If you’re eating lots of whole fruit and veg, along with a generally healthy diet you’ll be getting fibre.

I’ve noticed recently that any products if they can, will add this claim to the packaging. Dried fruit has some fibre but it’s a killer for sugar content, which in my opinion should be avoided. I even found a packet of honey wholegrain crisps that were a source of ‘fibre’. Just something they add to make you feel a bit better or tempted when buying processed or sugary food, so watch out for that one.

3. No added sugar

Don’t be fooled with ‘no added sugar’ and check the label yourself under sugars to work out how many grams it has. Yes, this claim is a good indication that something hasn’t had the refined white stuff added, but it also means they could’ve added copious amounts of natural sugars in the form of dried fruit or honey etc. Yes natural sugar is better, but it still needs to be moderated so check the packet to make sure you aren’t consuming a natural sugar bomb with your ‘no added sugar’ product.

Too many raisins on a daily basis is not the way to go

Happy shopping people. Here’s to a very healthy 2013, hopefully it’ll be your healthiest.

Any thoughts on ‘healthy’ marketing messages? Share your opinion and leave a comment below if so, I would be very interested in your thoughts or experiences.


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