Avocado on toast: Your ultimate guide

So I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to avocado on toast. YUM!

Why? It’s a nifty, quick, super nutritious & tasty low sugar breakfast that appeals to many and is good breakfast if you’re weaning yourself off of sugary stuff.

A lot of people come to me saying they don’t have time for eggs in the morning or they are short on time.

Well, avocado on toast works around this problem because it is super quick. By the time your toast has toasted, you can peel and mash half an avocado. 5mins tops.

Benefits of avocado on toast

  • Healthy fats & something green in your breakfast
  • Source of fibre, potassium and antioxidants
  • Feels decadent & indulgent
  • Can flavour or fancy to taste (salt, chilli flakes, herbs, seeds etc.)
  • Filling because avocado is a source of protein & fat
  • Children & fussy adults generally like it too (I’ve found anyway)
  • Oh, nearly forgot this one…completely sugar and sugar substitute free!

On top of this, there are some recent studies that show avocado really is flipping good for you. Read about the 12 proven benefits of avocados on Authority Nutrition if you’re still not convinced (or feeling still a bit scared of the fat).

So how can you have it?


Chilli flakes & salt




Cottage cheese & pumpkin seeds









You could also melt some cheese on top but I haven’t done this myself yet (I suspect it’s really good if you’ve had too many drinks the night before!)

I also found 7 other (more fancy) ways to do you avocado on toast on Puts my pictures to shame and makes you hungry!

Don’t want to make? Eat out!

Of course you can make avocado on toast at home pretty easily, but you can also now get it out and about. Eggs will always be a brunch winner, but avocado on toast, now more widely available could be another winning savoury option.

I recently spoke to the lovely Natalie Glazee – author of The Nutritionista which is a nice little healthy website full of helpful interviews & reviews.


Natalie knows the London avocado toast scene a lot better than I do so I picked her brains for list of places that could accommodate this sugar-free request.

Even if you don’t live in London, you could keep this list to hand in case you ever visited. I’ve certainly got some on my radar.

Note: Even if somewhere doesn’t do avocado on toast, you can always ask for it – I suspect quite a few places will oblige.

Do you like or have you tried avocado on toast? Is it something you’d consider? What is your favourite way? Comment below with any other suggestions!




Savoury olive & almond flapjacks

Calling flapjack lovers, this recipe is AMAZING! I’ve been excited for nearly a whole week about sharing it with you because I know that cereal bars, flapjacks and all things like that are a killer for sugar yet can be handy to carry or eat on the go.

I used to eat flapjacks and cereal bars like nobody’s business when I was a sugar fiend so I’ve wanted to create a sugar-free option for a while now. If you find yourself at the mercy of cereal bars, flapjacks and quick grab sugary bars, these could be a great option.

You also don’t have the hassle of deciding which sugar substitute to use which can be a confusing business to say the least!


Even though you might feel cumin is a no go first thing, you can definitely eat these for breakfast and i’d encourage you to break out of your comfort zone by doing so.

Alternatively eat them as a handy snack, have with your lunch, or use in the kid’s lunch boxes (maybe just omit the chilli flakes).

The pumpkin and chia seed topping is optional to simply boost the nutritional count and make them look pretty!

Savoury olive & almond flapjacks


Makes 8 large bars or 16 smaller bites


  • 200g rolled oats (2 cups)
  • 300ml milk (1 ½ cups)
  • 75g almonds (½ cup)
  • 20g parmesan cheese (⅓ cup, grated)
  • 60g black pitted olives (½ cup)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp dried oregano
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp chilli flakes
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds (optional)


  • Preheat the oven to 180C and line an 8-inch square tin with parchment paper
  • In a medium bowl, mix the oats, salt, herbs and spices together with the ground flaxseed
  • Add the milk and leave it to soak for 10 minutes whilst you prepare the rest
  • Roughly chop the olives, almonds and grate the parmesan cheese
  • Add these ingredients to the mixture, stir well
  • Pour the mixture into the tin and spread evenly
  • Sprinkle over the chia seeds and pumpkin seeds
  • Bake for 45 minutes, remove and let cool
  • Slice into bars or squares
  • Keep refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 3 days


More foodie and sugar-free meal inspiration

I’ve also just started a new Instagram feed @happysugarhabits which is solely dedicated to helping you beat the sugar cravings and get a daily dose of inspiration to help you embrace a practical lower sugar life and feel in control. I’ve got Fit Food Emma helping out so do follow and let us know what you think. This feed is to really help you so feedback is always welcome.

What do you think of savoury flapjacks and eating these for breakfast? Have you ever tried a savour flapjack before? Please do let me know if you try this recipe and what you think.


Protein chocolate mousse

Sugar-free cookie dough mousse

So many of the sugar-free recipes out there you read and then stumble upon something that you’re not too keen on – or is this just me?! Whether it’s a load of dates, agave nectar, coconut sugar, stevia or even the better brown rice syrup, things are sweetened with something (even some of my recipes!).

I know a few of you have got in touch to tell me about Davina’s 5 weeks to sugar-free. I’m going to review her book in due course but yes she does use maple syrup and honey which still have a major fructose element. Recipes like this are great for transitioning off refined sugar to something slightly better and more natural alternatives, but If you’re trying to change tastebuds & cravings more significantly, maple syrup/honey substitution isn’t the way to go. I love Davina & what she’s doing but I’m telling you that the Mentor Me Off Sugar recipes & meal plan will get much more significant & better results.

So with all these sugar substitutes bounding around in ‘sugar-free’ recipes, I’ve really got a lot of time for recipes that don’t contain any of the above and are more truely fructose free. They’re just naturally sweet because of the clever combination of ingredients & flavours. My sweet potato & walnut cake falls into this category and is one of my most popular recipes.

So I’m excited to introduce you to a really unusual and clever sugar-free recipe courtesy of my friend Emma Charles ( & @Fitfoodemma on Instagram).

This mouse uses CHICKPEAS as a base. Yes chickpeas…in a dessert/mousse. Now before you start scoffing (I know my friends will!), I literally beg you to try this recipe. Since Emma sent it over I’ve whipped it up 4-5 times slightly tweaking it each time to my own taste. I just love how easy, quick and tasty it is. It’s pretty high in (healthy) fats & protein and so it’s ridiculously filling.

You could have it as breakfast, a snack or a treat in the evening when the post meal sweet temptation rocks in. It will satiate and satisfy you so much, you won’t want much else.

Sugar-free cookie dough mousse

Serves 4

Protein chocolate mousse



  • ½ tin (120g) chickpeas, drained (I recommend KTC as they’re softer than most other brands)
  • 4 tbsp peanut, cashew, hazelnut or almond butter (100% nuts)
  • 100g ripe avocado
  • 10g cocoa powder
  • 40g unsweetened protein powder (or 15g coconut/wholemeal flour)
  • ½ tbsp melted coconut oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Approx. 55ml milk (I use unsweetened almond milk)
  • Raw cacao nibs or 60g 85%+ dark chocolate, chopped into small chunks

Optional toppings: unsweetened coconut flakes, grated dark chocolate


  • Blend all the ingredients except the dark chocolate together in a food processor or blender, then
  • gently stir through in the chocolate.
  • Taste and add a little more coconut oil or vanilla extract if you prefer a sweeter mousse. Add more milk if you need to make it slightly more runny.
  • Pour into four glasses or ramekins – shot glasses work well – and refrigerate for at least an hour (Laura – I eat it straight away, so impatient!)
  • Add your toppings and serve.

Emma’s Free ebook

Emma has launched a free recipe ebook with some brilliant and properly sugar-free recipes. It costs just £1.99 but if you use the code FITFOODJAN this month,  you can download completely free. She does tend to use a protein powder which I’m personally undecided on and tend to avoid (although I’m going to try the one Emma recommends). Just be careful when ordering things like protein powders so that you don’t order one with Sucralose or another artificial sweetener – protein powders can be a bit sneaky in adding something sweet (& usually very artificial) in. Anyway, I’ve been making this recipe with the coconut flour substitute (works fine) and on occasion just with an extra dollop of nut butter. The recipes in Emma’s book are really great – this girl has natural talent so check it out for some inspiration.

<Download Emma’s ebook HERE>

Are you absolutely mortified at the thought of having chickpeas in a mousse? Do you find it frustrating that so many ‘sugar-free’ recipes aren’t truly sugar-free? Have you got Davina’s book yet? Comment below and please let me know if you try and what you think.



Sugar-free breakfast: Salmon & leek bake recipe

Have you ever got something out of the freezer, let it defrost and then realise you don’t need it for whatever reason?

I did this last week with two salmon fillets and so I decided to create a new recipe that would allow me to eat them for breakfast instead. The result is this delicious, easy and very practical breakfast bake. I had an insanely early start last week, travelling up to Preston on the 5:30am train from Euston (which required a 4:40am taxi!). This bake saved me from having to make do with a panini or instant porridge pot from the Virgin train cafe.


With the good omega-3 fats, a serious amount of protein and the fibre from the vegetables, this is a superb #happysugarhabit breakfast that is mega tasty, easily transported and will keep hunger at bay about 10x better than a bowl of Shreddies!

It will set you up in the morning with a tasty savoury flavour and get your body burning fat and protein over a sustained period of time rather than an insulin-spiking quick release carbohydrate or sugary breakfast likely to have you starving for lunch…or even worse, craving sugary things at 11am! Another recipe similar to this is the feta & leek breakfast casserole.

Efficient cooking

I’ve tried to write the recipe instructions in a way that helps you cook this in the quickest time possible – telling you what to do and when, to ensure you’re as time efficient as possible. This is just me being process geeky (I used to be a process consultant) but it’s to help you when that ‘I haven’t got time’ excuse starts to come up.

If you find it helpful to follow such detailed instructions and cooking times then please leave a comment below and I will try to write more recipes with specific instructions of this nature. I will also time them accurately so I can add how long each will take (& if you can have a shower/feed the kids in the middle somewhere!).

So here’s the recipe….enjoy!

Salmon & leek breakfast bake

Makes 5-6 portions


  • 8 eggs
  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 1 small-med leek, 1 cm sliced
  • 1 small courgette, grated
  • 2 tbls cottage cheese (optional)
  • 2 tbls milk (again use almond if you want to be dairy free)
  • 2 tsp dried parsley
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 knob butter


Heat the grill to medium, line a tray with foil and add the salmon fillets, seasoning with salt & pepper & a squeeze of lemon juice. Grill until cooked through (3-4 minutes on each side).

In the meantime, heat the butter in a pan at low-medium heat whilst you chop the vegetables. Add the leeks and courgette and slowly fry to soften for 5-10mins, stirring occasionally whilst you do the other bits.

Grease a baking dish with butter.

Remove the cooked salmon from the grill and turn the grill off. Put the oven on at 180C to preheat. Remove the skin from the salmon and roughly break up/chop.

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, parsley, milk & cottage cheese together in a large bowl. By now your vegetables should have softened.

Drain the leeks and courgettes.  Add the drained leeks, courgette and chopped salmon to your egg mix. Combine well & season with extra salt & pepper to taste.  Pour into the greased dish, scatter with a little more dried parsley.

Bake in the oven for 40mins until cooked through (test with a knife in the middle). If it doubt, give it another 5 minutes.

Serve with a side of your choice e.g. spinach or avocado goes well. Alternatively just wrap portions in foil and use for breakfast/lunch/dinner on the hoof when you know you won’t have time to eat properly.

Can you see yourself eating salmon for breakfast and enjoying it? Are time saving process instructions helpful to you? Would love to know so please leave a comment below or ask me a question :)

Laura xx

The kindest sugar detox ever!

If you’re feeling like you might be ready to experiment with a structured sugar detox programme to help you develop a healthier relationship with sweet (& yourself in the process) then don’t forget to make sure you’re at the front of the queue to hear the latest around Mentor Me Off Sugar come the new year. This programme positively changes lives, attitudes and habits – I would love it to help you too!


Sugar-free chocolate chip spiced pumpkin cookies

As I’ve mentioned before, some days I still crave cake. I don’t crave the sugar as much, it’s the real ‘cake’ texture with a cup of tea that I occasionally fancy. So I seek to develop recipes that can hit that spot without being overly sweet. My tried and trusted favourite to date is my sweet potato and walnut cake.

This recipe also hits the spot pretty well, but as with my recipes like this I will warn you that it is really low sugar.  Your carrot cake loving friend may not be falling over themselves to have another and likewise because they aren’t too sweet, you’re unlikely to eat more than 1-2 at a time.

I’ve used brown rice syrup but I also tried this recipe with a 50:50 blend of brown rice syrup and stevia (I used Natvia) which worked just as well. If you do want them sweeter, you can probably use the same quantity of a healthier higher fructose sugar substitute like coconut sugar, date sugar or raw honey. However they obviously won’t be as ‘fructose-free’ of low sugar.





This recipe uses up any leftover pumpkin you have around but works just as well with butternut squash. I quite often roast two halves of a butternut squash and keep them in the fridge ready to use during the week. If I have any left over, I mash and freeze it in ice cube trays to use in recipes like this or, if I fancy it, in pumpkin/butternut squash porridge.

Because I made these more to my low sugar palate, I froze most of them so that I have a quick microwavable cake fix at home that won’t result in later sugar cravings. If you’re a cake fan, it’s a good strategy to try and it can help you break down your cravings i.e. work out if it’s a texture craving or a sugar/fructose craving.

Anyway, enough of my rambling…here’s the recipe…enjoy!

Let me know what you think in the comments below – would love to know how you go with these.

Sugar-free chocolate chip spiced pumpkin cookies

Makes 12 large cookies



  • 125g butter (softened)
  • 190g rye or wholemeal flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 6 tbls brown rice syrup (or Natvia or a mix of both)
  • 125g pumpkin mash (or butternut squash mash)
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp all spice
  • pinch of salt
  • ¼ tsp ginger
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg (I used freshly grated)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 50g dark chocolate, chopped(I used Green & Blacks 85%)


  • Preheat the oven to 180C
  • Line two baking trays with parchment paper
  • Combine the butter with brown rice syrup (or/and Natvia) in a large bowl. You may need to melt the butter slightly if not soft enough. Do this by placing in a glass bowl and put in the heating oven for a few minutes to do so
  • Add the vanilla essence and whisk together
  • Add the egg and whisk until combined
  • Add the pumpkin mash, and whisk until combined
  • Combine the flour, spices, baking powder together in a bowl
  • Fold 1/3 of the flour mixture at a time into the wet mixture until all combined
  • Add the chocolate chunks or chips
  • Spoon 6 large tablespoons of the mixture onto each baking tray
  • Place in the oven for 20 minutes until slightly brown

Best served when warm straight out of the oven with a glass of cold milk or a cup of tea!

Also a quick note..

Want to adjust your palate low sugar style so you need less sweet to satisfy? Mentor Me Off Sugar is unfortunately now closed for new enrolments but you can get to the front of the queue for the next kick off after Christmas 2014. Click here to get yourself on my priority radar and enter your details into the form.


Loaf vintage

Spinach, olive & feta loaf

So on Friday I made a savoury loaf to fix a need for something bread-like with a cake texture. It came out beautifully and I have to share the recipe with you. I’ve had a slice with mashed avocado for breakfast this morning and it was a delightfully indulgent lazy sunday breakfast.

At first I was like olives at breakfast…can I do this!? However, I successfully broke down my olive-breakfast barrier going to new savoury heights. Try it! There are only a few and they just add something to this recipe. You can also freeze slices and either toast at home (make them thin for this) or defrost on the way to work.

Unfortunately I just didn’t take too many great pictures but the recipe will make up for it….

Loaf original

Spinach, olive & feta loaf

Recipe adapted from Sarah Wilson’s Paleo inside out bread from her I Quit Sugar for Life book.


  • 1 1/2 cups rye flour (swap for 3/4 cup arrowroot for gluten free)
  • 1 1/2 cups ground almonds
  • 10 black pitted olives
  • 25g feta cheese
  • 25g parmesan cheese
  • 5 eggs
  • large handful spinach
  • 1/2 cup of fresh parsley
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar


  • Line a loaf tin with baking parchment and pre-heat the oven to 160C
  • Mix the flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt and ground almonds in a big bowl
  • Whisk the eggs lightly and add the apple cider vinegar
  • Wilt the spinach in a pan with a little water or in the microwave for about 90 seconds. Drain and add to the egg mixture making sure it doesn’t all clump together.
  • Add the olives, cheeses, parsley & stir
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for 40-50 minutes

Loaf close up

As you can see, I’m not strictly gluten-free. I naturally don’t eat much gluten as I don’t eat much bread, pasta or other wheat products that often (stick to a very wholefoods diet). However, sometimes I do like a nice cake like bake where I tend to use a slightly healthier flour like Rye.

If you do want to make this gluten free you can replace the flour with half the quantity of arrowroot but for this exact recipe I haven’t tried it myself. I may experiment with gluten-free more in the future but for now, I am just content being low sugar, in control and enjoying savoury breakfast experimenting!

Do let me know if you try this recipe or if you have any other great savoury loaf recipes you love?

Laura x


Sweet potato breakfast bake from top

Sweet potato & coconut breakfast bake

Want to keep your breakfasts egg based but fancy something sweet? Look no further I have a sweet potato breakfast bake recipe for you that will fit the bill.

I posted an omelette variation of this recipe over a year ago and it was when I was playing around with Stevia brands (namely PureVia, which for the record, I don’t recommend). I’ve been cooking and refining it ever since and with the help of rich creamed coconut, I’ve found a way to sweeten it naturally.

This recipe makes three portions so you can cook it one morning or weekend and then either eat it cold if you’re in a grab and go rush or just head it in the microwave quickly. It’s really delicious when served with some creamy full fat yoghurt or coconut milk. You could even have it as a dessert if you like!

Sweet potato breakfast bake


Sugarfree, dairy-free, gluten free
Makes 3 portions
Recipe adapted from


  • 5 eggs
  • 3 tbsp melted creamed coconut (read about buying and preparing creamed coconut here)
  • 2 tbsp dessicated coconut
  • Drop of natural vanilla extract
  • 2 small-med sweet potatoes

Sweet potato breakfast bake from top


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180C
  • Prepare the creamed coconut – submerge the sachet in a jug of boiling water to melt for 5 minutes and then empty into a bowl and mix well
  • Cook the sweet potatoes – either bake in the oven or microwave for 5-6 minutes
  • Set aside to cool, then peel and chop into rough chunks
  • Add the eggs, vanilla extract and coconut products together in a pouring jug or bowl
  • Whisk thoroughly – this will make the bake fluffy and light
  • Pour the mix into a medium sized baking dish (I use 10×7 inches). Scatter over the sweet potato.
  • Put into the oven and bake for 30-40mins until puffed up and golden on top.
  • Serve with coconut milk or creamy Greek yoghurt


Let me know if you give this a go or have you tried a sweet potato egg based breakfast before? Do you like using sweet potato and coconut as a natural sweetener? I think I am a bit obsessed with the combination as quite a few of my recipes contain these!

Buckwheat breakfast bars line

Sugarfree cardamom no bake breakfast bars (gluten & fruit free)

Buckwheat breakfast bars plate
Ok so I’m quite excited to share this recipe with you. I’ve just eaten these for breakfast and they’re tasty, but I’m also excited because of the practical implications of this recipe. Read on!

Muesli bars

I written it before, and I’ll write it again. I used to luuuuurrrvee muesli bars and flapjacks. Sticky dried fruit honey concoctions were my seemingly guilt free way of getting my sugar fix everyday for approximately, I dunno, at least 15 years of my life.

When I was travelling, when I was busy with work and when I wanted to grab something on the go, it was my default snack of choice. There’s no doubt about it, they are quick, handy and to be fair there are some better ones out there these days that at least try to use just all fruit e.g. Nakd bars. Yes, they’re better than anything with refined sugar, but they’re not great everyday for keeping control over your sweet cravings or reducing your overall sensitivity to sweet.

A much healthier alternative

I like this recipe because it’s a sugar-free alternative to the dried fruit bomb of a glucose syrup infused shop bought muesli bar and you can make a big batch and store in the fridge or freezer ready for a ‘grab n go’ type breakfast. The cardamon does a mighty fine job of giving flavour without the need for too much sweet (I’m going to comment on this after the recipe so do read to the bottom).

It also uses buckwheat, which is gluten-free, a great source of fibre and a source of other minerals. To add to the nutrients you’ve got the sweet potato, the coconut oil and the nuts & seeds which are all great sources of various things. Too many nutrients and minerals to list – just trust me that it’s all really good for you ok!? Basically, compared to a Special K bar, these cardamon bad boys are in another league.

Sugar-free Cardamom breakfast bars

Makes 8-10 bars. Gluten free, sugar-free, very low fructose


  • 1 ½ cups (100g) buckwheat groats (soaked in water for at least an hour and then rinsed and dried as much as possible)
  • 1 heaped cup (130g) of almonds or a mix of other nuts if you want
  • ½ cup (85g) mixed sunflower & pumpkin seeds
  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 4 tbsp cashew butter (or another sugar-free nut butter like peanut or almond)
  • 15g butter (replace with 2 tbsp coconut oil if you want dairy free)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (replace with another 15g butter if you don’t have this)
  • 2 tbsp brown rice syrup
  • 6 cardamom pods
  • pinch of salt


  • Bake or microwave the sweet potato. I do mine for 6-7mins in the microwave. Cool for a few minutes, remove the skin and mash with a fork.
  • Toast the nuts for 10mins at 180C. Remove from the oven and chop roughly whilst you toast the seeds for 5-10mins. Add to a big bowl with the dried buckwheat groats.
  • Grind the cardamom in a pestle and mortar or chop/crush with a knife and board
  • Warm the coconut oil, butter, brown rice syrup & cashew butter in a saucepan over a low heat. Mix together.
  • Add the cardamom, salt & then the sweet potato. Combine well still over a low heat to help you do this.
  • Add this gloopy mixture to your bowl of dried ingredients and combine well.
  • Take a big sheet of parchment paper and line a rectangular baking tray (approx 28cm x 18cm) so the parchment comes up over the sides. Push the mixture into this and spread out evenly.
  • Place in the freezer for an hour to set and then remove and cut into portion sizes. Re-freeze or refridgerate.

Usage and storage

Buckwheat breakfast bars line
These need to be kept either in the fridge or freezer and should be a bit chewy coming from the fridge. Keep ones you want to eat that week in the fridge. Wrap a few other portions in cling film and freeze them. When you want to eat, just take out, put in the microwave for 60 seconds to soften slightly and eat there and then or take out with you to naturally defrost for an on-the-go breakfast alternative.

Why not add a little more natural sweetness?

I’m not going to deny, these bars could be enhanced with some more natural sweetness and some of you with a strong sweet tooth might be crying out for them to taste sweeter. The recipe I was inspired by used honey. I’m sure dates, dried fruit etc. would be nice in these bars and the sugar is natural right?

I’ve kept them super low fructose for a few reasons. The first reason is because I honestly like eating things that taste a lot less sweet these days and I simply don’t want to crave sugar in the same way as I used to.

The day I made these I went into a posh grocers in Wimbledon called Bayley & Sage. Incredible things in there and a very beautiful display of sweet goodies (cookies, flapjacks, muffins etc.). However, I wasn’t really that fussed about anything on it and this still feels weird to me after being an inherent ‘sweet tooth’ for so many years where I would have been drooling excessively. I was more drawn to the cheese counter and the nuts buffet!

I am so much more savoury inclined these days and I like being that way – I feel empowered and I don’t have to use my will power to resist sugar cravings. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate sweeter things when I do have them, but in much much smaller quantities. For that reason I continue to eat lower sugar & lower fructose where I can, getting the sweet in my diet from fresh fruit & sugary special occasions every now and then.

Other reasons why I kept sugar substitutes out of this recipe:

  1. It’s really hard to find recipes for stuff like this that doesn’t go mental on medjool dates, honey or agave etc. so I’m doing my bit to provide something – I see the space in the recipe market!
  2. You could eat these quite happily during a sugar ‘detox’ period.
  3. You could easily add something in if you wanted to e.g. some honey, dates, raisins, extra brown rice syrup and the recipe will probably still work fine and still be relatively healthy i.e. refined sugar free.
  4. I suspect, if these were much sweeter, portion control would get harder i.e. you might want to eat more than one!

What do you think about using natural sweeteners in recipes? Would you like more lower fructose options or would you prefer something to taste a little sweeter with the help of natural things? Would love to hear what you all think on this one as it would really help me with planning future blog posts and recipes. Let me know!

Laura xx

berry & avocado smoothie

3 delicious low sugar smoothie recipes

Now summer is upon us, I find my body naturally craves slightly different things on sunnier days. Whilst I still love my egg breakfasts and eat them throughout the majority of the week, I do find that when it’s hot some days (& my flat is like a sauna!), I really fancy a cold refreshing smoothie.

So today I have some super delicious recipes and a superfood competition to get you inspired for summer smoothie experimentation.

Low sugar smoothies

Smoothies, especially the shop bought variety can be packed with a serious amount of sugar. Up to 50g in some cases. If you make your own at home, you’ve got much more control and can make them SO much better. They are quick too. Ok, a little noisy if it’s early, but make the night before and refrigerate if that’s the case.

I’ve posted a video last summer on my 7 tips for making low sugar smoothies. These are my ground rules and living by these principles, here are three of my current favourite smoothie staples….

Note: for all these recipes you can use a milk of your choice e.g almond milk, coconut milk, semi-skimmed etc. I use organic semi-skimmed in mine. Just make sure any milk you buy e.g. soya, almond or coconut hasn’t got added sugar or sweeteners to it.

Berry & avocado smoothie

berry & avocado smoothie

  • 1 cup or large handful of mixed frozen berries
  • ½ avocado or tsp coconut oil (this is the filling fat element)
  • 3 tbls natural yoghurt
  • 1 cup or glass of milk (approx 250ml)
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 1 tbls chia seeds
  • Cacao nibs (to top)

Kiwi & mint smoothie

Kiwi _ mint smoothie2

kiwi mint smoothie1

  • 2 kiwi fruit
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 handful of chopped fresh mint
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 3 tbls natural yoghurt
  • 1 cup or glass of milk (approx 250ml)
  • ½ tsp spirulina powder
  • 1 tbls chia seeds

Cashew banana green smoothie

Banana & cashew smoothie

  • 1 green tipped frozen banana
  • 1 tbls cashew butter (I used one I recently reviewed from
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 3 tbls natural yoghurt
  • 1 cup or glass of milk (approx 250ml)
  • 1 tbls chia seeds
  • 1 tbls flaxseed powder (optional)
  • 1 tsp wheatgrass powder

Using superfood powders

You’ll noticed I’ve supercharged all of these smoothies with a superfood of some sort. I’ve been using 100% organic superfood powders from Miracle Powders who kindly sent me a nice selection box of 5 x 50g bags to experiment with.

Miracle powders

These smaller portions are ideal for trying out different ones and seeing which you like the most without spending a fortune. I’m a big fan of the raw maca powder because it’s a great addition for smoothies that you don’t want to be green! It’s also worth mentioning that wheatgrass can help reduce sugar cravings. In general, because these powders are so dense in vitamins and minerals, effectively you’re giving your body such goodness, it should help reduce unhealthy cravings. It’s effortless to add them in and you’re potentially fighting off colds, diseases, cravings all in one go!

Competition WIN some superfood powders

Miracle powders have kindly donated a 5x 50g selection box to a Happy Sugar Habits reader :). All you need to do is comment below with a thought or response to this post e.g. let me know if you make smoothies or if you avoid them due to the sugar.

If you pin one of the images to Pinterest, you’ll get an extra entry and if you tweet about it with one of the following, you’ll get another additional entry… #socialmediaLOVE!

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Good luck! Winners chosen at random. Competition closes on Monday 23rd June

Low sugar life with smoothies

So to conclude, I certainly don’t think fruit smoothies are out of the question when living on a low sugar diet, especially when you’re new habits are in place. You just need to be mindful of their sugar content and factor them in to your total fructose count for the day. I’d also say it depends where you are in terms of feeling in control with fructose. There was a period of time where these wouldn’t have been suitable for me. Listen to your body to determine how they impact your overall sugar cravings i.e. test different ones out, and see how you feel.

Are you conscious of smoothies being high in sugar and how do you like to make yours? Do you find they impact your sugar cravings at all and do they fill you up? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts around this. Leave a comment and enter the competition at the same time!

chocolate courgette porridge

Chocolate courgette porridge

Ever had chocolate courgette porridge? No, neither had I until I experimented with this little number. I’m pleased to say it worked out well and I’m going to share the recipe with you.

Creating a balanced breakfast

As we roll into a beautiful Autumn-Winter the temperature drops and we crave comforting warm food (I write this after having been for a stunning run amongst colourful Autumn leaves today).

Porridge as a warming breakfast certainly fits the bill here, but it isn’t my ideal everyday breakfast on a low sugar diet. Firstly, because without adding sweet it can taste sometimes bland. Secondly, I find it’s a little trickier to get enough protein and fat into things, which are my ‘keep me really full all morning’ companions. Thirdly, I also find porridge doesn’t lend as well to eating vegetables first thing over fruit – well, until I tried this recipe that is!

I did make a note on how full this breakfast kept me. It actually did pretty well (better than I was expecting). However, when lunch came around I found I was pretty hungry all of a sudden, and it came on quickly rather than being more gradual like it usually is (when I’ve had eggs).

Mixing up breakfast

So I mentioned chocolate courgette porridge to a friend and I got the look ‘Laura, you’ve really lost it now’. I’m starting to enjoy surprising people with these weird and wonderful combinations….

If there’s one thing I recommend to those playing with low sugar life, it’s to mix up your breakfast routine and experiment. So many people have really set ways about what they eat in the morning, having the same thing day in day out. For many it can be the most sacred meal of the day which I understand, something maybe they’ve known for years. I know when I’ve worked with individuals, there can be real push back on changing those first thing in the morning rituals. Trust me it’s fun, and slightly addictive. Have fun with this.

chocolate courgette porridge

Sugar-free chocolate courgette porridge

Makes 2 portions (I chilled one, covered with a saucer in the fridge and ate it cold the next day)


  • 2/3 cup of oats
  • 1 ½ cups of milk (unsweetened almond, semi-skimmed or full fat. I used organic semi-skimmed)
  • ½ grated courgette
  • 1 tbls flaxseed powder
  • 1 tbls cacao powder (optional – I’ve made this recipe without and it turns into a just as nice cinnamon courgette porridge)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp nutmeg
  • pinch of salt


  • Put the oats & milk into a pan on a low-med heat.
  • In the meantime grate the courgette and add to the pan.
  • Add the flaxseed, salt, spices & cacao powder. Mix well with a wooden spoon.
  • Continue to cook on a low-med heat stirring occasionally for about 5-7 minutes until oats are cooked and porridge is at the desired consistency
  • Add toppings of choice (chia seeds, chopped nuts, seeds, raw cacao nibs).

Note: This obviously looks a lot sweeter than it tastes. Anything with a chocolate colour tends to scream sweet, so dishes like this can be a surprise for taste buds that are still accustomed to lots of sugar. This is basically a savoury porridge dish with a chocolate colour so beware – it doesn’t taste sweet. I absolutely loved it but beware if you’re whipping it up for someone who usually drowns their oats in honey.

Want even more well balanced tried and tested sugar-free recipes?

If you like this recipe and some of my others, then there’s many more coming. I’m currently cooking up a sugar-free storm right now as there’s going to be loads of fabulous recipes with meal plans as part of the soon to be launched and all improved Mentor Me Off Sugar Detox 6-week programme (buy from 21st November 2013, course starts on the 6th Jan 2014) . Make sure you’re on the priority list before the 14th November to get access to the exclusive special offers I’m going to be sending out before hand.

What do you think of savoury courgette porridge? Have I inspired you to give it a try?